Steel assemblies WT category – Figure 7 (1)

Thickness 13 mm Positions P, H, V, PL Guarantee of quality Assembled and...

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Steel assemblies S category – Figure 8 (6)

Option 1 Thickness 10 mm Root opening 13 mm Positions P, V, PL Guarant...

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Aluminum assemblies S category – Figure 22 (1)

Thickness 6 mm Root opening 10 mm Positions P, H, V, PL The use of the 1xxx...

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Pipe assemblies – A106 (2)

Diameter 2.5" P-Number 1 SCH 160 Positions 1G, 2G, 5G, 6G *Not assembled ...

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The SEP Group

SEP Group was founded in 1990 and, over the years, has been able to adapt and innovate by offering new specialized services. In this way, the company was able to stand out and better meet the specific needs of its growing clientele. Throughout Quebec and Canada, the SEP Group aspires to become the leader in the supply of welder qualification assemblies by offering complete, turnkey, and worry-free services.

2435, Rue Alexis-Le-Trotteur, Jonquière, G7X 0E4