Technical and Engineering Support

Consulting and assistance to companies requiring CWB or RBQ certification.

  • Drafting of all required forms
  • Staff training (welders, supervisors, inspectors, and engineers).
  • Development and drafting of welding procedures:
    • CWB: WPS and WPDS
    • RBQ: WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and PQR (Procedure Qualification Record)
  • Turnkey welding procedure qualifications under the supervision of our welding engineer at our accredited laboratory. Qualifications include assembly, welding in the presence of a CWB rep, and destructive testing.
  • Supply of welders qualification test assemblies including destructive testing and evaluations.
  • Consultation and problem solving in regard to welding metallurgy.

Our team of experienced specialists offers you a turnkey service. We therefore take care of all your accreditation needs in accordance with the requirements of the existing standards and codes.